Steven L. Mintz

Writing and editing geared to corporate management, investment strategy and public policy



I've served in key editorial posts at Time Inc. Content Solutions, CFO Magazine, American Banker and Corporate Finance Magazine and The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. As a deputy managing editor at Time Inc. I oversaw custom publications for the New York Stock Exchange, Fidelity Investments and Key Bank. Four staff writers at the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission turned exhaustive research and investigation into the best-selling Financial Crisis Inquiry Report that exposed root causes of massive financial dislocation. Freelance feature stories have been published by Barron's, Institutional Investor, the Economist, Knowledge@Wharton, FTC:WATCH, The Journal of Accountancy and New Jersey Monthly.

Three books and an eight-part PBS television series probe investment strategies of outstanding professional money managers: Five Eminent Contrarians; Beyond Wall Street; John Neff on Investing.

Outside of the business and financial realm I have written about managing the Not-for-profit sector, Broadway, Off Off Broadway, a pair of Nobel laureates who decoded the sense of smell, a global boom in children's museums and the 67th reunion of American veterans who fought fascism in the Spanish Civil War under the banner of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.