Steven L. Mintz

Writing and editing geared to corporate management, investment strategy and public policy



Navigating the Waters of Foreign Exchange. Sound strategies support global liquidity, credit relatioships, cash flow and bottom lines. The Economist Intelligence Unity/INTL/FCStone pdf

Spotlight on New Wealth Builders. A new and robust wealth segment has appeared on the global economic scene with little fanfare: households with financial assets of $100,000 to $2 million. The Economist Intelligence Unit/Citibank pdf

The Disruption of Banking. Fin Tech upstarts challenge banks with new ways for consumers to transfer, borrow and invest capital. The Economist Intelligence Unit/Hewlett Packard  pdf

Has a Financial Crisis Chastened Bankers? Seven years after a housing bubble and subprime debt shook banks and the financial system, what have we learned? Sage Business Research pdf

Did the Hedge Fund Model Create an Incentive Bubble? Incentive compensation programs to not promote share price growth, according to a new study.  Institutional Investor  pdf

FCIC Chair Disputes Assertion That Inquiry Found No Wrongdoing. The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission found plenty for the DOJ to go after.  Institutional Investor  pdf

How the Senate Financial-Crisis Report Puts the "Less" in "Toothless." The Senate gives a pass to most big players -- read: campaign donors. Institutional Investor  pdf

Five Reasons Banks Should Provide Their Own Bailout Fund. According to experts, big banks should build their own cash reserve for the next financial crisis. Institutional Investor  pdf

A Critic's View: The CFPB Has Fatal Flaws. A new economic paper labels the Consumer Financial Protection Board a menace to society. CFPB:WATCH pdf

Six Fallacies, Myths and Irrelevant Facts Bankers Want You to Believe. Don't let bankers hijack policy and fatten their paychecks. CBS Moneywatch  pdf

Opening the Door to Financial Regulatory History. SEC Historical Society's Online Museum finds greater relevance amid financial upheaval. Journal of Accountancy pdf

Author Tom Stanton on Lessons from the Financial Crisis.  JPMorgan Chase and MF Global risk management failures will recur unless regulators become more aggressive. Institutional Investor pdf

More Bank Equity Needed, Not Less. Stanford's Anat Admati says banks' claims that more equity would hurt their ability to lend is hogwash. Institutional Investor  pdf