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Six Global Social Business Pathfinders. Pioneers who harness social media to business strategies: Tony Hsieh, Zappos pdf; Ricky Hudi, Audi pdf; Marco Magnahi, Amadori pdf; Scott Monty, Ford; Juliana Rotich, Ushahidi pdf; Kristina Verner, Waterfront Toronto. Economist Intelligence Unit/IBM 

Winning the War for Financial Talent. Modern business challenges hinge on grooming finance teams with problem-solving skills that leverage technology. Wall Street Journal Custom Studios/Oracle pdf

Energy Efficient Products: Emphasize Value, Not Values. A new look at energy efficiency through the lens of political persuasion. Knowledge@Wharton  pdf

Five Questions for Umit Gurun on Companies and the Media. For friendlier press relations, add a senior-level media exec to the board, says a new study. Institutional Investor  pdf

Struggling to Hire the Right People? Learn From Bees. Don't hire too many of the right people. Instead, take a cue from bees and mix it up. CBS Moneywatch pdf

You Can Learn a Ton About Your Business from an Ounce of Customer Opinion. Small samples can reveal more than big data. CBS Moneywatch  pdf

Chess for Fun and (Business) Profit. In his book Three Moves Ahead, a venture capitalist shows how a chessboard can map out business strategies. New Jersey Monthly  pdf