Steven L. Mintz

Writing and editing geared to corporate management, investment strategy and public policy



Enjoying the High Wire -- and the Safety Net. The stock market set new record highs in recent weeks. Covered call options can protect against a tumble. Barron’s  pdf

Market Sentiment Analytics the Next Big Thing? Dow Jones introduces a news analytics product in hopes traders will see where the market sentiment is heading. Institutional Investor  pdf

Seven Verbal Clues That an Earnings Call is BS. Everyone knows that public companies can dress up numbers. So listen for these clues. CBS Moneywatch  pdf

Economist Diane Swonk: What's Next for the Markets? Is a rally is sustainable, which market sectors stand out and what could derail a recovery? CBS Moneywatch  pdf

A CEO's Guide to Retirement Planning. Low interest rates and looming tax hikes are reshaping the way top executives think about their nest eggs. Barron’s  pdf

Corporate Share Buybacks Often Disappoint Investors. The Buyback ROI Scoreboard ranking puts buybacks on a level playing field with other uses of capital.  Institutional Investor  pdf

Launching Kids Toward Financial Security. Former high-net-worth advisor helps parents wrestle with financial challenges related to children. (Advertorial) Money Magazine

Analysts Beware: A Machine Has Its Eye on Your Job. There's an algorithm for that. How big data and news analytics are set to transform investment research. Institutional Investor pdf

The Profit Challenge for Wealth Managers. A strong wind behind global investment markets gives an uneven lift to wealth management firms. Barron’s/Penta pdf

Keep a Weather Eye on Stock Liquidity, Study Says. Paying close attention to individual stocks’ liquidity could reap rewards, according to a new study. Institutional Investor  pdf

High-speed Trading: Is It Time to Apply the Brakes? Advocates and critics duel over the merits and risks of high speed trading. Knowledge@Wharton  pdf

Foreign Diversification, Social Comparisons and Consumer Identity. Is investing in foreign stocks good strategy for easing risk? Knowledge@Wharton  pdf

Delaware Chancery Court Chides Pension Fund for Boosting Returns. An employee pension plan wins a pyrrhic victory against a drug maker. Institutional Investor  pdf

How Much Market Noise? Look Out the Window. Correlations between weather and stock market noise suggest more sunshine makes for more sustainable prices. Institutional Investor  pdf

Cross-listed Foreign Stocks Attract More U.S. Investors. Foreign stocks that cross-list at home and abroad attract more investment than foreign companies. Why? Institutional Investor  pdf

Warranted Multiples Offer New Clues to Future Equity Performance. New evidence that price multiples based on accounting alone can mislead investors. Institutional Investor  pdf

New Report Suggests a Better Way to Evaluate Currency Traders. Investors deserve to know which currency managers really deliver satisfactory returns. Institutional Investor  pdf