Steven L. Mintz

Writing and editing geared to corporate management, investment strategy and public policy



Navigating the Waters of Foreign Exchange. Sound strategies support global liquidity, credit relatioships, cash flow and bottom lines. The Economist Intelligence Unit/INTL FCStone pdf

Best & Worst Corporate Cash Managers: Tax Gripe Short Sighted. Why avoiding a repatriation tax makes no sense in the long run. Institutional Investor pdf

Winning the War for Financial Talent. Game plan for the digital age. Tech advances converge  in finance departments. Skills are pivotal. Wall Street Journal Custom Studios/Oracle pdf 

Equity, Debt or Assets? A New Lens for Looking at Raising Capital. Two experts weigh the use of non core assets to fill corporate coffers. Knowledge@Wharton  pdf

Mark-to-market's Liablity Lag. A new study of the S&P 500 finds a whopping mismatch between assets and liabilities subject to fair value. CFO Magazine pdf

Lean Green Machines: The 2000 Optimal Cash Scorecard. When it comes to cash balances, lots of companies are keeping low profiles. CFO Magazine  pdf

Triple A: Just Say No! Dwindling ranks of super credit worthy companies cast doubt on the merits of pristine credit ratings. Corporate Finance  pdf

Psst! Buybacks Beat Dividends. Companies are increasingly doing what finance professors have been for decades -- but they're keeping it a secret. Corporate Finance  pdf

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too. Leveraged buybacks with whopping dividends fend off hostile takeovers. Corporate Finance pdf