Steven L. Mintz

Writing and editing geared to corporate management, investment strategy and public policy



The Business of Philanthropy. An exhaustive report probes the virtue of bottom line approaches without profits. Sage Business Researcher

Philanthropy Goes Global. As wealth increases worldwide, people in more countries practice generosity. Sage Business Researcher

Great Minds...Don't Think Alike. Great teachers bring innovative approaches to their classrooms. Curiosity: The Art of Inquiry/The Wall Street Journal Custom Studios

Nonprofit Boards Can No Longer Just Wing It. A culture of accountability is hard to adopt, inviting scandals. Sage Business Researcher

Ugly New Economics in Public Education: Donors Rule. Budget gaps put universities under pressure to surrender academic freedom to aggressive donors. CBS Moneywatch  pdf

Opening the Door to Financial Regulatory History. SEC Historical Society's Online Museum finds greater relevance amid financial upheaval. Journal of Accountancy pdf

Not Just Child's Play. Museums designed to teach parents to learn from each other, and children to teach themselves, are  booming around the world. The Economist/Intelligent Life  pdf

Ford Foundation East Africa Program Profiles: Strengthening Civil Society and Philanthropy, Protecting Women’s Rights, Expanding Livelihood Opportunities for Poor Households and Expanding Community Rights Over Natural Resources.  pdf

Buybacks for Charity: Shares for SharingCaritas Partners, a new division of broker-dealer du Pasquier, builds philanthropy into the process of buying back shares. Institutional Investor pdf

Q&A: Cheryl Dorsey on Business Approaches to Charity. A Harvard medical degree, a stint in the Labor Department and entrepreneural ventures guide Echoing Green.  Sage Business  pdf

Lost Off Off Broadway. A fresh, iconoclastic spirit from the 1960s is hard to recapture but not impossible for talented performers. The Economist pdf

They Fought Franco, in Abe's Name. Survivors who volunteered to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil War as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade convene six decades later. The Economist  pdf