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The Lights Are Back On in Once Abandoned Factories. Manufacturing jobs return to the USA. Curiosity: The Art of Inquiry (The Wall Street Journal Custom Studios/Fifth Third Bank)

Pssst...A Tip on Whistle blowing. Forget kudos. Brace instead for hardships. Sage Business

Great Minds...Don't Think Alike. Great teachers bring innovative approaches to their classrooms. Curiosity: The Art of Inquiry (The Wall Street Journal Custom Studios/Fifth Third Bank)

A Bright Future: Solar Is Here. High tech solutions revitalize a safe, affordable, reliable and renewable energy source. Fortune (sponsored section and adjacent ad) pdf

Multitasking Writ Large: Is American Health Care Reform a Prescription for Trouble? Two health care experts predict peril for Obamacare. Knowledge@Wharton pdf

Can Video Games Solve Big World Problems? Yes, says a video game designer who insists more playing time is the answer. CBS Moneywatch pdf

Ugly New Economics in Public Education: Donors Rule. Budget gaps put universities under pressure to surrender academic freedom to aggressive donors. CBS Moneywatch  pdf

Why Do Married Men Earn More Than Single Guys Doing the Same Job? Two researchers reach a verdict on the marriage premium - with the jury still out on why. CBS Moneywatch 

Ford Foundation East Africa Program Profiles: Strengthening Civil Society and Philanthropy, Protecting Women’s Rights, Expanding Livelihood Opportunities for Poor Households and Expanding Community Rights Over Natural Resources.  pdf

Parents’ Incomes and Children’s Outcomes: Can Tax Policy Level the Field?  A fresh twist on tax policy might pay dividends for rich and poor. Knowledge@Wharton pdf

A Need for Speed: Why Building More Roads Won’t Conquer Gridlock. Easing traffic's adverse consequences needs new perspective. Knowledge@Wharton  pdf

Saving Lives and Lining Pockets at a New York City Hospital. Two FTC legal victories wrap up a five-year bid-rigging prosecution. FTC:WATCH  pdf

Dogfight Looming Over Pet Medications. Veterinarians dig in over attempts to let pharmacies fill pet prescriptions. FTC:WATCH pdf 

Critics Charge that Movie Tie-in Hazardous for Kids. Regulators pressure drug makers to limit product promotions that encourage drug purchases. FTC:WATCH  pdf 

Not Just Child's Play. Museums designed to teach parents to learn from each other, and children to teach themselves, are  booming around the world. Economist/Intelligent Life  pdf