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Five Questions for Anjan Thakor on Strategic Disclosure Risk. New research finds that transparency can raise a company’s cost of capital. Institutional Investor  pdf

Five Word of Mouth Rules You Should Tack on Your Wall. Everyday products can outshine hot products when word of mouth prevails. CBS Moneywatch pdf

Do You Feel Lucky? Then You Might Be Courting Disaster. Ask yourself 12 questions to learn whether you leave too much to chance. CBS Moneywatch  pdf

Seven Reasons Why Very Smart People Do Very Dumb Things. Can blind spots impair judgment? Cripple careers? Watch for warning signs. CBS Moneywatch  pdf

Do Companies Hide Good News During Labor Talks? Companies like to trumpet good news. But at times good news could be costly. Institutional Investor  pdf

What Goes Down Will Come Up. A novel fossil fuel beta benchmark mesaures energy risk. CFO magazine pdf

The Gauge of Innocence. As pressues mount at home and work, honest employees succumb to poor judgment. They cut corners and blur until there's no way back. CFO  pdf

The Next Wave. In hard times the last risk companies want is legal trouble. Unfortunately, that may be just what lurks. CFO  pdf

The Gurus. As Y2K loomed, eminent economists gazed into the future. CFO  pdf

True Lies. Pension legerdemain at Stone & Webster transformed losses to profits. The issue in which "True Lies" appeared garnered the first in a series of top magazine awards for CFO from the American Society of Business Press Editors. CFO  pdf