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Soaring Buybacks, Sagging Returns. Performance of share repurchase programs continues to slip, but companies still fail to ask: do they reward shareholders? Institutional Investor [3Q2015]

Stock Buybacks Prepare for the Bear Market. Share repurchases posted lower returns for he sixth successive quarter, provoking new criticism. Institutional Investor [2Q2015]

As Stocks Edge Higher, Buyback Programs Get Riskier. Companies like GE and Apple continue to repuchase shares in large numbers as programs get riskier. Institutional Investor [1Q2015]

Stock Buybacks Wrestle With an Aging Bull. As Apple forges ahead with massive share repurchases, a lurking correction spooks many companies. Institutional Investor [4Q2014]

U.S. Share Buybacks Rebound But Face Sharp Criticism. Buybacks in the third quarter of 2014 topped $140 billion as effectiveness tumbles. Institutional Investor  [3Q2014] 

Buybacks Slow as Scrutiny Rises. Companies weigh high stock prices and other uses of cash in the stock buyback calculation. Institutional Investor [2Q2014]

CFOs Share Their Buyback Secrets. Rule No. 1: Return on investment means little when buybacks lack size. Institutional Investor [1Q2014]

A Tale of Two Stock Buybacks. Boeing soared over IBM in our Q42013 Corporate Buyback Scorecard. Should the iconic tech company double down? Institutional Investor [4Q2013]  pdf

Corporate Buybacks Are on the Rise.Yahoo snapped up stock at a dramatic pace, highlighting widespread buyback activity Institutional Investor [3Q2013] pdf

Share Buybacks Are the Apple of Car Icahn's Eye. A novel read on  buyback ROI at Apple puts demands by activist investor Carl Ichan in a different light. Institutional Investor [2Q2013] pdf

Corporate Share Buybacks Often Disappoint Investors. Companies often tout  share repurchases, but as our latest Corporate Buyback Scoreboard ranking of the S&P 500 shows, the results are not always as rosy as investors are led to believe. Institutional Investor [1Q2013] pdf

Buyback vs. Buyback. A disciplined approach to repurchases placed Wyndham Corp. near the top of the S&P 500, while overspending landed FLIR near the bottom. Institutional Investor   pdf

The Most and Least Effective Stock Buyback Programs. The 2012 Corporate Buyback Scorecard shows which companies maximize returns on stock buybacks. Institutional Investor  pdf

Psst! Buybacks Beat Dividends. Companies are increasingly doing what finance professors have been for decades -- but they're keeping it a secret. Corporate Finance  pdf